Kelly W.

Cost: Lowest I’ve seen in OC. It even includes a great textbook (with online resources for a year) and polo.

Course: There are options. I took the accelerated course, which was 6 weeks, 3-4 days a week. They even offered case-by-case rescheduled days with the other or future classes if needed.

Teaching style: Brad, Daniel, and Dawn were always engaging and taught using their relevant experience. They were approachable and able to teach so that students coming from various backgrounds could learn.

Networking: The class environment is highly collaborative (useful for the healthcare field). The class was filled with future firefighters, medics, PAs, physicians, and nurses.

Prep for EMT skills: Pro Tech paired with Care Ambulence for skills training. Their training officers trained us like their own employees. Skills exam became easy to pass thanks to them! Plus, if you do well in front of them, they may even remember you when they hire 😉

Prep for NREMT cognitive exam: I took the exam 1 week after the class and passed! Note: I actually put effort into the class, skills practice, and hw to really grasp the topics.

5/5 would recommend to friends and family