Andrew K.

The best thing about this program is that they actually care about you and work with you with anything you need, like I’ve said before they genuinely want to see you pass the class and succeed. By far this the best place to take an Emt course….(see more)

Brian P.

The instructors are outstanding with there teaching skills and do not hesitate in answering any of your questions. You can tell Brad and Daniel have passion for teaching EMT. They would do anything to watch you succeed in your career. Not only did I meet two great instructors at PRO-TECH, but I made two great friends that I will never forget…..(see more)

Avo B.

Protech life safety services is the best place to start a career as a EMT. The instructors are amazing and down to earth. They don’t only teach you the material but they find ways to make it fun as well. The skills portion of the class was by far the best from any other school and they really get the material stuck in your head…..(see more)

Elyse G.

…Both the directors, Brad and Daniel, are outstanding. They care about each person who walks through their doors and they do their best to make sure they send out successful and knowledgeable EMTs who are ready for the national…(see more)


Pro-Tech Life Safety Services provides students training programs which meet mandated curriculum from agencies such as P.O.S.T., The American Heart Association, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the California Emergency Medical Services Authority.

The importance of continuing education and training is stressed. We sustain our courses by providing an operational environment that is professionally managed, competently supervised, continually evaluated and appropriately modified to ensure the most effective training programs possible.

In all programs and services, Pro-Tech Life Safety Services respects the value and diversity among students and faculty. Therefore, we encourage the participation of all individuals no matter of race, nationality, and color.

The special character of this institution is reflected in its commitment to the training of the above programs. The purpose of the institution is to help students obtain the necessary skills to acquire the certification that they seek.

Meet Our Team

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