James H.

11/10 would recommend this school for anyone I know taking EMT classes (accelerated or evening class), POST (Peace Officer Safety Training) or CPR/AED Training.

Taking an EMT class is different than any other schooling you will go through, right now I am a college student taking 15 units at Cal State Fullerton. I decided to take the M/W class 6pm-10pm. I didn’t know if it was possible for me to do both schools, but I realized you just have to put in the work.

Teachers: Brad who was my main teacher gives you the tools and knowledge to pass the class and pass the NREMT if you buy in and have a good attitude about it. You also have a couple of different teachers so they can teach you their viewpoint so you can hear different stories and different techniques for the class or the real world. The teachers will also allow you to stay late ask questions on things you are confused about or even help you map out a future plan to succeed in this career.

Pro-Techs main goal: Pro-Tech cares about you passing the NREMT like every school, but they are one of the only schools who care about you being the best EMT you can be. They teach you to not be a wallflower (someone standing around while other people do the work), but they teach you to take initiative and to feel comfortable taking initiative.

How to pass the class: I do recommend you putting in a good 3-4 hrs outside of the class studying every week if you take the evening class that I took. I put about 4 hrs every Monday into studying and I average about a 90-95% on every quiz.

Pro-Tech vs other companies: Other schools care about their pass rate but they don’t state their class retention rate if they fail you before the final of the class. They want you to just brag about how they have a high passing rate while from what I heard the students from other schools go into places like CARE not knowing basic skills.

Opportunities to get jobs: Due to Pro-Techs close relation with CARE you have great networking opportunities with CARE ambulance company, and they put investment into making you the best EMT possible. All these other schools care about their pass rate but they don’t care about giving you the knowledge and skills to be a successful EMT.

What my friends have said at other companies: I have friends who have taken classes from West Coast EMT and they are jealous of what I am learning, how I am learning, and how the teachers care about you. They are also jealous of the overall pricing of the class.

Pricing: Pro-tech has no hidden costs, everything you pay for upfront covers everything throughout the class, for example, the book and your uniform. The book also gives you study tools that you can use to study online instead of just reading.

Things they can improve: At some points, the class did get a little unorganized and confusing, but they got it right back on track. Sometimes you would have a substitute teacher and you would have to tell them what you were learning but other than that it was an amazing class.

Just a heads up: I did show up to the school before my class started, and it is taught at a church, so they are not always there. I just gave Brad a call and he was so nice and helpful, I realized that I picked the right school right then after having bad experiences communicating with other schools in the area.