Kenyon G.

10/10 recommend Pro-Tech EMT School! They offer both accelerated courses and an evening course. The accelerated course is 8 hours a day, 3 days a week for 6 weeks. The evening course, which I took, is 2 nights a week for 4 hours, for 10 weeks. My advice would be, if you don’t already have a good chunk of knowledge in pathophysiology, anatomy, and physiology, w/ some understanding of pharmacology/medical diseases, take the evening course. It’s a slower pace (not super slow though), but it’s only 4 weeks more than the accelerated course and you’ll be a lot less stressed.

I had Jerry as my main instructor and Raj for anatomy/pathophysiology and they were both phenomenal teachers. Jerry taught us in a way that really spoke to my way of learning through lots of real world examples & Raj really broke down the pathophysiology of the body in a way that just clicked in my brain! Not only was the course great and so informational, I passed my NREMT on the first try! Their goal really is to help you succeed on your journey from beginning to end, but you gotta put in the work too.

They also work with you to help you get hired on to Faulk/CARE if you wanna work as an EMT straight out of your course. That’s what they did for me and I’ll be starting next week.

Best of luck to you!!